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We all crave and want to keep a beautiful smile.

We all crave and want to keep a beautiful smile. We know how important it is. Smile is a sign of joy and happiness; it helps us in interpersonal communication.

It is one of the most important elements of body language.

Saying that a smile is the key to happiness and health is true in every aspect.

  • smile affects our appearance and makes the face look nicer; in the eyes of others we are more beautiful, healthier, happier.
  • smile rejuvenates – activated muscles of the face stimulate the skin and make it elastic and firm
  • smile supplies oxygen – when smiling, instead of 0.5 litres of air, we breathe in 1.5 litres of air, oxygenating the whole body and improving concentration and reflexes
  • smile relaxes – it lowers blood pressure, improves heart function, relieves stress
  • smile reduces pain – the concentration of endorphins (hormones of happiness) increases; endorphins relieve headaches and muscle pain as well as improve mood

Your smile, your happiness, our satisfaction

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Our team with more than 22 years of experience is able to handle any non-standard case:

The work of a whole team of professionals, dentists, dental technicians, dental assistants is behind the patient's new smile. Our many years of cooperation, experience and skills are the means to define a specific treatment plan and to adapt to your budget and time constraints.